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Happy new tango year! PDF Print E-mail

The Mundo Tango team wishes all tangueros a wonderful and vibrant 2007 with lots and lots of tango!

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Tango for Christmas PDF Print E-mail

Mundo Tango wishes you a merry christmas, wishing well to your family, and to all tango dancers in the world.
Some tips for christmas:

As you see, the warmest winter passion can be found in the coldest countries!

Staying at a Tango Hotel PDF Print E-mail

Tom Templeton from the Observer describes his first dancing steps at Buenos Aires tango hotel Mansion Dandi Royal. Read the full article at their website: Hello, room service? I'd like a tango

Tango show critics PDF Print E-mail

The New York Sun has published a critical article on the recent shows "Tango!" by Pablo Aslan and Estampas Porteñas' "Tango Fire". Read the full article by Marina Harss on their website: Two Nights To Tango


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