Tango fusion: Calle 13 - tango del pecado

Calle 13 is the new satiric and visually inventive urban-alternative fusion of funk, hip-hop, reggaeton, rock, salsa and a bit of tango, pushing the idea of “Latin music” even further. In advance of the planned April 24th release of eagerly-awaited second album Residente o Visitante, Calle 13 has unveiled first single “Tango del pecado” (“Tango of Sin”) in collaboration with producer Gustavo Santaolalla which we all know of the Bajafondo Tango Club. Tango del Pecado fuses elements of reggaeton with Argentine tango for a dark look at a forbidden romance. Check out Calle 13’s fusion of tango and reggaeton on youtube: 

Calle 13: fusion of reggaeton, hip hop and tango