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You can syndicate the news from the Mundo Tango homepage, and add them to your RSS reader or personalized homepage:


What is RSS?

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is an easy way to automatically stay up to date on your favorite sites. No longer it is necessary to surf for hours to see if the websites have changed. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds like you would subscribe to a newspaper: you receive the headlines of the tango news.

How to use RSS?

In order to read RSS feeds you need a piece of software that is called a news aggregator or RSS reader.
Another option is to add the feed to your personalized homepage:

Gmail users: Google Personalized Homepage
Yahoo users: My Yahoo!
MSN / Hotmail gebruikers: or My MSN

If you would like to add the Mundo Tango news to your homepage click on one of these links:

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Why RSS?
To stop the overflow of useless emails, alerts, etc. we provide the RSS service, so you only have to visit our site once there is something new to see!